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Student & Educational Expeditions

The Source for World-Wide Jewish Educational Adventure Travel

Kosher X, Student & Educational Expeditions endeavors to offer our clients opportunities to expand their horizons through travel. Founded by professional educators and travel experts, Kosher X realizes the true benefits of an educational program. What better way to experience an in-depth discovery of a new country or region than to experience it first-hand under the guidance of expert scholars and educators. Kosher X, Student & Educational Expeditions adheres to a strong educational philosophy when designing each tour, whether the emphasis is on adult education or tours appropriate for student groups. We have developed a number of unique travel categories dedicated to cultural and Jewish education in the field. Whether traveling with renowned scholars through Spain or exploring the natural wonders of Costa Rica through our signature "Judaism & Nature" program, Kosher X brings you a unique way to travel with exciting educational adventures and, of course, our wonderfully prepared Glatt kosher meals.


Our Mission

"Enhancing travelers' lives through education"The mission of Kosher X, Student & Educational Expeditions is to enhance the lives of students of any age by extending educational and Jewish identity programming into the worldwide classroom and providing the best opportunity for learning through seeing, experiencing, and interacting.


Service & Experience

Kosher X, Student & Educational Expeditions provides the utmost in personalized service. We coordinate every aspect of your program. We work behind the scenes to ensure a safe, fun and memorable experience for each participant.Our years of experience allow us to handle all of the logistics from start to finish:

  • All development, reservations & logistical planning

  • Round trip air and/or deluxe motor coach transportation

  • Quality hotel & lodging accommodationsAppropriate accommodations and programming for Shabbat

  • Escorts, sightseeing guides, lecturers, educators

  • Nutritious and plentiful Glatt kosher meals under strict supervision

  • Highest quality leaders, lecturers & educational programming


Kosher X will put together the educational component appropriate for your tour or choose the programming that is of interest to you and your group. These include a list of lecturers and educators with expertise in Jewish history, nature, Jewish identity building, youth programming and much more. We have a wide range of programming to choose from which includes:

  • Exploring Jewish History

  • Jewish Roots

  • Tikun Olam / Community Service

  • Bio-Study & Eco-Education

  • Our signature "Judaism & Nature" program


The ability to learn & travel worldwide

With the ability to prepare Glatt Kosher meals at most worldwide destinations, we are able to tour remote and once inaccessible destinations. Now, exploring Jewish history & heritage in Spain, bio-study and community service in the rainforests of Costa Rica or Jewish identity building in the National Parks is a reality.


Safety is our first priority

Kosher X considers the safety and security of our participants to be the top priority. We travel to destinations that have been fully explored by our staff, giving us intimate knowledge of the area. Comfortable transportation and lodging have been specifically picked that are group-friendly to insure maximum comfort and peace of mind. We have an excellent staff-to-participant ratio so that every one of our clients' needs is met. For our younger groups, we ensure that the group is supervised at all times and each day is fully programmed. Free time to explore is offered in small groups in controlled areas with an accompanying staff member.


Why Travel with Kosher X Student & Educational Expeditions?

Kosher X considers the safety and security of our participants to be the top priority. We travel to destinations that have been fully explored by our staff, giving us intimate knowledge of the area. Comfortable transportation and lodging have been specifically picked that are group-friendly to insure maximum comfort and peace of mind. We have an excellent staff-to-participant ratio so that every one of our clients' needs is met. For our younger groups, we ensure that the group is supervised at all times and each day is fully programmed. Free time to explore is offered in small groups in controlled areas with an accompanying staff member. 


Customized Tour Development: Kosher X, Academic Expeditions develops unique, customized educational travel programs for each group. An experienced, licensed Kosher Expedition Educator is assigned to assist in planning specialized travel itineraries, including all transportation, meals, lodging, and programming.


Quality Leadership: Each Kosher X, Student & Educational Expeditions trip is staffed with a full-time Educator who is responsible for all educational content, guiding, and logistics. Many educators are teachers, rabbis, university professors, tour leaders, and naturalists. They are dynamic and energetic professionals who are experts in engaging groups.


Outstanding Educational Content: To prepare groups for their adventure, Kosher X, Academic Expeditions provides relevant educational resources prior to each trip. This content is then brought to life during the trip through lively and meaningful presentations. Groups are met at their level of interest and knowledge, with powerful and stimulating information.


Premium Accommodations and Amenities: Kosher X, Student & Educational Expeditions uses only premium properties for its tours. We choose comfortable, clean, and spacious lodgings which are suitable for younger student groups. Meals are nutritious, well-balanced, and plentiful.


Safe and Secure Travel: Kosher X is the most established kosher tour operator in the industry with over 15 years’ experience having run tours for thousands of students worldwide; not to mention we maintain one of the most comprehensive travel protection policies in the industry. 


24-Hour Emergency Assistance: Detailed itineraries and contact numbers to our offices and lodgings are provided to each participant and their families along with our 24-hour emergency toll-free contact numbers. 


Gateway to a Great Time: Let Kosher X take care of the details of your travel program so you and your group members can sit back, enjoy, learn, and experience memories that will last a lifetime!Customized tours and educational programming to fit your group


Kosher X, Student & Educational Expeditions has developed a number of tour and educational categories to satisfy your groups' interests:

Scholar & Lecture Series: Kosher X will supply your tour with a knowledgeable regional expert; if you are interested in a particular lecturer or scholar to accompany your program, we will make the necessary arrangements and gear the tour toward your particular academic interests. Through education and expert leadership we strive to provide an in-depth understanding of the destinations we travel, whether you explore and seek out Jewish heritage in the small towns and cities of Spain or the natural beauty of the mighty Amazon.


Student Programming: Our educators have developed curriculum dedicated to helping students of all ages discover history, science, nature and exploring their Jewish identity in a whole new way. Our educators have put together programs that can be geared toward your group's particular interests to provide participants with a fun and new way to experience and learn about their destinations.


Nature & Judaism: In our quest to use the world as our classroom, Kosher X educators have developed our "Nature & Judaism" educational curriculum. Here we combine the wonders of nature and the great outdoors with Jewish identity, history and tradition.


(See below for our sample "Nature & Judaism" curriculum)


Past Participants Include:

  • Ezra Academy

  • Solomon Schechter of Greater Boston

  • Solomon Schechter of Dallas

  • Solomon Schechter of St. Louis

  • Epstein School

  • Bornblum Solomon Schechter

  • Pearlman Jewish Day School

  • South Peninsula Hebrew Day School

  • Camp Morasha

  • NFTY – Go West

  • Cohen Foundation Camps

  • Camp Laurelwood

  • Camp Pinemere

  • Aish Ha Torah Los Angeles

  • Plus many more!


Recommendations are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us for names and telephone numbers.


Tour Requests: Click here for a sample of our “Student Expeditions” destinations. Choose or custom combine from any of the current tours we offer. We will then develop a suitable itinerary and educational component to suite your schools mission. If you are interested in a destination not listed as part of our offerings, not a problem! We can easily develop tours to your specifications and destinations. Just call us to get started! 


Let Kosher X plan you schools or organizations next educational adventure




When G-d created Adam, He led him around the Garden of Eden and said to him: “Behold my works! See how beautiful they are, how excellent! All that I have created, for your sake did I create it. See to it that you do not spoil and destroy my world; for if you do, there will be no one to repair it after you.”


Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13


Kosher X Student & Educational Expeditions is please to present our “Judaism & Nature” outdoor educational programming. When traveling the earth Jewish values constantly surround us. When we see nature in its most pristine element in Costa Rica or the power of nature when we raft a river in the Grand Canyon we are in awe of the Creator. For some it may be the first time they feel this ‘Ahavat HaShem’ (Love of G-d) and for some those experiences may remind us of our mortality and of the fact that we are infinitely small compared to the creations of the universe called ‘Yirit Shemayim’ (Fear of Heaven). No matter what each of us experiences nature has a way of opening us up spiritually, making exploring and traveling through new and unique regions a perfect venue to explore what this means to us as Jews as part of our heritage, teachings and culture. With this vision in mind we created a unique hands-on educational experience that any group or tour can add to enhance their travel experience. Tours include interactive seminars and discussions on “Nature & Judaism,” on-site native wilderness training, “Tikkun Olam” social action programming, visits to historical Jewish sites, Jewish environmental study, and interaction with local indigenous and Jewish communities.


Thousands of years before the word “environmentalism’ was coined, Jewish tradition was teaching the importance of taking care of the earth and treating animals with compassion: Genesis (2:15) “And the Lord took Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden, to work it and to guard it”. Thousands of years before the first landfill appeared, the Torah was teaching Jews not to waste anything. Earth care has always been important in Judaism, partly because nature is so integral to Jewish life. Nature imagery fills our prayers and enhances many of our holiday celebrations. Our rabbis of old recognized that they could better understand the Creator by observing the creation. To this end, they spent many hours in the outdoors watching the sun rise and set, noting the phases of the moon, delighting in the changing of the seasons.


The following categories we explore during our adventures offers a look at Jewish cosmological beliefs (beliefs about how the world was created) and the primary categories of Jewish environmental law. These beliefs and principles will be referenced throughout your tour and integrated into the activities, and projects we will partake in.


G-d’s Oneness - All of Creation is inter-connected, having been made by a single Creator. All living things and their environments are part of the Web of Life: whatever happens to one part of the Web affects all parts of it.


G-d Created the Universe - G-d created the world, which makes G-d its rightful owner. We are the caretakers of the world. Our right to use natural resources is tempered by our responsibility to protect them for use by all future generations.


World Created with Purpose - Jewish tradition tells us that G-d created the universe with purpose. Nothing was created by “accident” or without a reason.


Prohibition Against Waste - Called bal tashchit in Hebrew, this commandment is the basis of the prohibition against wasting or destroying anything needlessly.


Prohibition against Causing Animals Unnecessary Pain - Called tza’ar ba’alei hayyim in Hebrew, this prohibition tells us not to cause animals and unnecessary physical or emotional pain.


Land Rest and Renewal - Care of the land.


Environment Care Leads to Spiritual Development


Jewish Ethics towards Animals


The Nature of Spirituality in Judaism - ‘Ahavat HaShem’ (Love of G-d) & ‘Yirit Shemayim’ (Fear of Heaven).


Sample Judaism & Nature Programming


1. Mah rabu ma-asehkah Ha shem – How Magnificent are Your Creations: These are the words we find in our morning prayers and this edible/medicinal plant walk is a wonderful way to bring the words alive. Long before there were supermarkets and drugstores, our ancestors turned to nature to provide them with food and medicine. From pine needle tea (with more vitamin C than an orange) to acorns (a poison ivy treatment that works in 2 days), nature’s magnificence is revealed in this activity.


2. Ancient Fire-making Techniques and Fire in Jewish Tradition: Once upon a time, our ancestors knew how to make fire by rubbing sticks together. Each Shabbat and Jewish holiday, we start by the lighting of candles. This session features a demonstration of the bowdrill technique of rubbing sticks together (a technique that recently stumped participants on Survivor) and a real understanding of the gift of fire.


3. On the Fourth Day, Creator Made the Sun, the Moon and the Stars: This program takes place as a night walk/hike focusing attention on the fourth day of Creation by demonstrating how to use night sky to find direction, identification of constellations and their Jewish “counterparts”, awareness skills learned from nocturnal animals and Alpha Wolf – a safe opportunity for participants who choose to be by themselves for 15 minutes in the dark. Informal discussion will focus on sources of energy, Middrashim on the heavenly bodies and possible New Moon celebration.


4. Shabbat Animal Track Candles: What better “memento” to bring back from a trip than a pair of Shabbat candles made from the tracks you find on your hikes? Each candle is kosher to use on Shabbat even if it comes from Big Foot! (Now that’s going to take a lot of wax).


5. Magen Ha Adamah – Shield of the Earth: This project combines the Native American dream-catcher with the Jewish concept of being Shomrei Adamah – Keepers of the Earth. Participants use natural materials and yarn or fiber to make dream catchers from which they hang objects from nature that will remind them to make earth stewardship a part of their Jewish lives.


6. Organizational Development and Group Dynamics through Campfire Building: This activity involves groups of participants successfully building a campfire. Success is defined by the having the people in each group, with the least confidence in their fire-making ability, becoming confident they know how to make one. Follow up discussion focuses on how the construction of a campfire is an excellent model for the development of programs and organizations. This activity is conducted in a game form with “artificial” competition.


7. Contemporary Environmental Issues as Seen through the Eyes of Jewish Tradition: This discussion introduces participants to the three primary areas of Jewish ecological/environmental traditions and practices by focusing on contemporary environmental issues. These issues might reflect participants’ concerns/interests or include such topics as treatment of animals, living in a society of waste, environmental issues facing Israel, etc.


8. Sukkah Making – the Old Fashioned Way: Today, one almost needs to have an engineering degree to construct a sukkah. Before the advent of self-locking screws and sheets of plywood, our great-grandparents threw together whatever they had to work with. Participants will learn about the purpose of the sukkah by constructing one from natural resources and enjoying a meal in it. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the role of nature in Jewish life.


9. It is a Tree of Life to All Who Take Hold of It: Our teachers of old could have chosen any metaphor to describe the Torah but they chose the tree. This nature walk focus on the trees in the area with emphasis on their ecological value, their dollar value, their utilitarian use for making cordage or providing flour to make a Shabbat challah. Participants will learn to “meet a tree,” discover a basic truth about life through the observation of trees and make a “living tree.” Our trees will only remain as meaningful metaphor for the Torah so long as they remain healthy and viable creations.


10. It is the Water of Life: This session will help to bring into focus the incredible beauty and life-giving gift of water. While participants explore the living creatures that make water their home, they will also take a look at the serious environmental problems that threaten the quality of water where they are and back in the United States. Informal discussion will focus on the spiritual healing and “cleansing” quality of water and its use in Jewish practices.


11. Circle of Life Bracelets: Participants learn an ancient technique for weaving plant and tree fiber into beautiful and strong ropes to make into Circle of Life bracelets. These bracelets represent each person’s commitment to be an earth steward and to feel a part of a circle of people across the world that wear these bracelets and are doing what they can to help take care of the earth. Learn what famous Biblical character used the same cordage-making technique to bring about the downfall of one of Israel’s greatest heroes!

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