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The Source For World-Wide Kosher Adventure

"Wanted to tell you what a great trip we had!!! The tour guide, was great– warm, easy going, efficient. The chef was great– personable, accommodating and great food. All of the activities were terrific; the lodging was great.

Thank you for putting together a great vacation!!! We rate it a 10!!!"



Harriet & Alan

West Hempstead, NY

Costa Rica Adventure 



Kosher X Tours brings you the opportunity for exciting hands-on kosher travel.  On our adventures, you will journey to exotic destinations, experience the untouched beauty of nature, witness wildlife roaming free in its natural habitat, learn about new cultures and peoples, walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, and sit back and relax.  Imagine yourself hiking through the ice-capped mountains of Alaska, being guided through the wonders of the African bush by experienced game rangers, exploring Jewish history with scholars in the small medieval towns of Spain, or relaxing on the deck of a  total kosher riverboat visiting numerous ports of call.  Now include in this scenario delicious Glatt kosher meals and Shabbat services.  These adventures will provide memories that last a lifetime.


Kosher X Tours is the most established kosher tour operator in the industry.  Since 1994, Kosher X Tours have run kosher tour programs and educational travel & cruise programs to over 70 worldwide destinations for thousands of satisfied participants. 


Celebrating our 16th year
Journeys to satisfy every preference



One travel program does not fit all, so Kosher X has developed a number of different touring categories.


  • Luxury Expeditions: Travel in ultimate comfort and ease. Tours are at a moderate pace with stays in first class hotels and resorts.

  • Adventure Expeditions: For those looking for a more active vacation, these programs usually include more outdoor activity focusing on wildlife observation in natural habitats. Most programs are not strenuous and are suitable for every age group. Lodging ranges from first class accommodations to local inns, lodges and outdoor camping.

  • Cruises: This includes large ocean liners as well as smaller riverboats. Here, Kosher X Tours lets you experience a region through its waterways. Most programs include a combination of cruising and land extensions.

  • Passover: Unique only to Kosher X is our exotic Passover programs where we combine a complete all-inclusive package of beautiful accommodations, fabulous Glatt Kosher le Pesach cuisine, touring and intriguing holiday activities at some of the world’s most beautiful and remote destinations.  Kosher X also has the ability to develop custom Passover programs for groups to almost any destination.  For 2016 we are celebrating our 12th year Pesach Costa Rica Ocean & Rainforest Resort Adventure!

  • Educational Expeditions: The mission of Kosher X student and educational tours is to enhance the lives of students of any age by extending educational and Jewish identity programming into the worldwide classroom and providing the best opportunity for learning through seeing, experiencing, and interacting.  (See our student and educational expeditions section for more details).

  • Senior Expeditions: Kosher X Tours has developed a number of unique travel programs specifically oriented to the mature traveler.  Destinations and programs have been developed where our client can travel in comfort and at an appropriate pace.  Programs are educationally oriented with guided tour programs and nightly lecture series unique to their destinations.  Kosher food menus are kept flexible and can be modified to accommodate clients special dietary needs.


So what makes us so special?



Superb Leadership

Our trip leaders are experts in their fields with years of experience. They are naturalists, big game rangers, river guides, cowboys, rabbis, scholars and educators who are extremely knowledgeable about area history, customs, and language. Adventuring with seasoned, committed trip leaders who have an abiding love for their corner of the world makes for an unforgettable travel experience.  Unique to Kosher X Tours is a certified mashgiach on each tour to ensure the highest standards of kashrut.


Hand-crafted itineraries

Kosher X is a certified and fully insured tour operator (not a travel agent) so all tours are developed and run by our staff.  Each of our trips has been crafted to capture the best aspects of a particular destination.  This means traveling at an appropriate pace, ensuring proper acclimation, choosing ideal lodging (especially for our Shabbat stay-overs), experiencing Shabbat with local Jewish communities when possible, or exploring places off-the-beaten-path, all of which make for an exceptional journey.


Why kosher group travel with Kosher X?

Travel to remote and exotic destinations is often complex and frustrating, especially if one lives an observant life. Planning such a trip on your own can become a full-time job.  By letting us take care of the details, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. You will make new friends, learn from expert guides and teachers, experience new cultures and places in an in-depth and intimate manner, and enjoy delicious supervised kosher meals.


Food / Kashrut

When you travel, food is an important part of your journey.  Maintaining an observant lifestyle no longer means having to sacrifice exciting travel with good food.  At Kosher X we believe that local food is an important component in experiencing your destination.  Through constant site inspections at our destinations by certified staff mashgichim on every tour and an intimate knowledge of the areas we traverse, we are able to obtain high quality Glatt standard local kosher food prepared fresh.  When our high standards cannot be met at a particular destination we are able to ship in ingredients from Glatt standard kitchens worldwide and prepare it fresh by our chefs on site at your destination.


Private Trips, Group Travel & Custom Tours

Does the idea of a private or customized excursion for your friends, family, business colleagues, special interest group, camp, school, destination wedding or bar mitzvah sound appealing?  Kosher X is more than happy to put together special dates and arrangements that fit your needs.  Choose one of our programs in our catalogue or another worldwide destination of interest and we can discuss the best time of year, trip leaders, accommodations, and custom itineraries.  Special travel discounts are available for group travel.  Group numbers vary per trip so please call for details. If you have a small group and are interested in increasing your numbers, with your permission, we can open your tour to the general public by advertising your tour date as a regularly scheduled Kosher X Tour date of departure.

You can do it!



We have trips for every travel interest, mood or style.  Whether you choose kosher travel due to dietary and religious concerns or enjoy traveling with fellow Jews, Kosher X has the trip for you.  To help choose the right trip, our staff is available to discuss any aspect of the trip or destination of interest.  We are here every step of the way to help you choose, prepare for, and enjoy the perfect adventure.


Call 310-237-0122 / 800-923-2645 for information.  If you would like more information on a particular destination, detailed itineraries are available upon request.  For groups, let us know which of our destinations is of interest and a destination specialist will be happy to put together a detailed tour proposal.




Q. Why travel with Kosher X Tours?  

A. There are a number of kosher travel companies out there; what makes Kosher X different is our variety of tour options, our travel expertise and our ability to prepare delicious fresh kosher food at each of our destinations.  Experience:  Since 1994 we have taken thousands of satisfied participants to over 70 destinations around the globe.  We are a full service tour operator, not a travel agent, meaning we research, develop and run only our programs.  We do not buy or market anyone else’s travel programs!


Q. What types of vacations do you run?  Who are they suited for?

A. Here at Kosher X we understand that there are many different ways to vacation.  For this reason, we have developed a number of different touring categories.  These include:


  • History & Heritage – On our Jewish Roots and Heritage programs we explore our past and the history of a region through travel.  We bring history and cultural education to life!

  • Adventure Travel – For those looking for a more active vacation, these programs usually include more outdoor activity focusing on wildlife observation in natural habitats.  Most programs are not strenuous and are suitable for every age group.

  • Cruising – This includes large ocean liners and adventure ships as well as smaller riverboats.  Here, Kosher X lets you experience a region through its waterways.

  • Passover - An activity-filled week of family, adventure and relaxation. Kosher X Tours features a unique Passover destination each year and is able to develop custom Passover programs for groups to almost any destination.

  • Student Travel – Our educators have developed educational tours with curriculum dedicated to helping students of all ages discover history, science, nature, and Jewish identity in a whole new way. Our educators have put together programs that can be geared toward your group's particular interests to provide participants with a fun and new way to experience and learn about their destinations

  • Teen Travel Camp – Our summer teen travel programs are designed to provide informal Jewish educational opportunities to teens who are seeking a fun & transformative Jewish summer travel experience.

  • Destination Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs – Combining our travel and event planning departments Kosher X has the ability to develop and run the perfect event for your family and friends.  Imagine a magical beachside wedding on the Island of Curacao or that truly unique Bar Mitzvah in the rainforests of Costa Rica.  We take care of every detail!


Q.  How long has Kosher X been in business?

A. Kosher X  is a division of KTreks Inc., a travel company / tour operator with expertise in worldwide group travel. Kosher X has been running kosher tours for thousands of satisfied participants since 1994.


Q. Who arranges your tours?

A. We are a tour operator, meaning our tours are custom-developed: we create, research, develop and implement all of our own tours.  We do not sell anyone else’s product!  Each destination is researched and site-inspected to determine appropriate tour routes, proper lodging (especially for our Shabbat stay-over), and organization of kosher food.  Depending on our location we use local guides and naturalists who have intimate knowledge of the regions we travel.  Knowledgeable Kosher X Tour leaders are on each tour to insure the quality and smooth running of the program.


Q. What kind of food is served?  How do you get kosher food to your destination? 

A. Food, we believe, is an important part of any vacation!    Unique to our company is the policy of using fresh kosher food. Experiencing local food is also part of experiencing a new destination.  Let’s face it: if you travel to France you want to experience French cuisine.  Our staff includes chefs and mashgichim to insure the quality and standards of kashrut at our destinations.  If local kosher food is not available our staff is able to prepare meals using fresh local ingredients and/or supplement meals with ingredients shipped to our destination, all prepared fresh on site.


Q.  Is Kosher X a travel agency?

A. Well, yes and no. Kosher X is a tour operator specializing in high quality travel programming which we make available to individuals and groups, as well as travel agents. Most of our travelers book their trips by phone & mail directly with us, because we are a full-service company with complete travel agent capabilities.


Q. What are the accommodations like?

A. Lodging depends on the tour you decide to take.  On our luxury expeditions, accommodations range from 4-5 star hotels to first class resorts and cruise ships.  On our more adventurous expeditions accommodations are chosen to get the most out of your natural surroundings: country inns and lodges, tented bush camps, cabins, and camping out under a sky of a million stars.  All accommodations are in safe, clean and comfortable places.  Special consideration has been taken for those places we stay during Shabbat.  Most are within walking distance of a local synagogue or special space has been allocated at the lodging for Shabbat services and of course Sefer Torah.  


Q. Are your adventure expeditions strenuous?

A. For the most part, no. Apart from a few of our extreme adventures, our expeditions focus on wildlife observation, which is best accomplished by traversing slowly and quietly via foot, boat or land vehicle through natural habitats. Of course, these excursions must take place on natural or man-made pathways and present minimal impact on the environment. No trekking, hiking or camping is necessary to find abundant wildlife on most of our expeditions, partly due to the excellent location of the lodge facilities we utilize. Most lodges are immersed within rich natural habitats and are designed to exist in harmony with their surroundings. If you're seeking a more physically challenging experience, our staff is prepared to discuss the more adventurous options included in each of our destinations.


Q. How do I set up a custom tour for my group?

A. Simply choose a destination listed in our catalogue, or if you have another destination or type of trip in mind we will work with you to develop your program.  With our ability to prepare fresh kosher food at most worldwide destinations, your choices are limitless. Our travel staff will work closely with you, taking care of all logistical needs from transportation and lodging to curriculum and itinerary.


Q. How do I participate in a Kosher X tour?

A. Call us at 310-237-0122 / 800-923-2645 and discuss our travel opportunities in depth with one of our staff travel professionals. Detailed tour information including tour itineraries, dates of departure and pricing can be seen on our website at Once you decide where and when you wish to travel, send in your Reservation Form and deposit and pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime!  Sit back and let us take care of all of the details!

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