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Every Itinerary Designed as a Complete Cruise-Tour


Kosher X specializes in providing educational destination-oriented cruise programs to the most exciting and exotic corners of the globe. Every itinerary is designed as a complete cruise-tour, which means that hotel stays are included in major cities, like Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Sydney and Singapore, before and after your cruise. Also included are city sightseeing tours, transfers, baggage handling and Kosher X staff educators to assist you with your every need.


From large and medium-size cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean, South Pacific and even Antarctica, to river boats, barges and science vessels exploring the mighty Amazon, the coast of California or water-ways of Europe, to tall and small ship adventure cruising and island hopping in the Caribbean, Alaska or coast of New England, Kosher Expeditions has developed a number of cruise categories to suit your individual or group interests.




There are many different kinds of cruise ships, each with its own style and appeal, and each with its own merits. But most experts agree that medium-sized ships offer the combination of comfort, service and destination discovery that travelers prefer. On these types of ships you receive the best of both worlds from facilities you'd expect to find on a luxury liner with the service and attention you would receive on smaller ships. Our cruises are culturally oriented, and much of your time cruising with us will be spent off the ship exploring that particular port of call including our signature Jewish interest land tours. Cruises feature noted guest lecturers and experts hailing from the worlds of science, history, journalism, politics and diplomacy. They will provide you with insights and perspectives far beyond what you would read in the average guidebook. These and other cultural events you'll experience ashore combine to give you an outstanding travel experience putting an Kosher Expeditions cruise programs in a class of its own.


Come with us as we chart a course to wondrous lands and distant seas. Let the secret of the Sphinx reveal itself to you among the great Pyramids of Egypt. Watch the lion stalk its prey in Kenya. Discover the emerald rice terraces of Bali, the dramatic fjords of New Zealand and the gilded spires of Bangkok or explore European & Eastern European Jewish history and heritage. Since 1997 Kosher Expeditions has customized group sailings on our large and mid-size cruise ships to more than 140 of the world's most intriguing destinations.



From the mighty Amazon to the rivers of Europe, what better way to experience a destination than meandering through its waterways.  Boat sizes range from private barges for small groups of 16 to larger 200 passanger boats.  On our nature cruises explore untouched natural beauty. Due to the relatively small size and draft of these vessels we are able to explore up-close the most remote regions on earth. Our classically styled Amazon River boats are the perfect way to travel in comfort through the world's most diverse rainforest. Discover the soul of majestic Europe on a river cruise and explore the treasures of historic cities, medieval towns and villages:

  • Cruise the beautiful Seine, enjoying the green landscapes of Normandy from Paris to the beaches of the "Flowery Coast".

  • Discover France's fabled wine country of the south, cruising on the Rhone and Saone rivers.

  • Experience the pleasures of the mighty Blue Danube and explore the culture, history and art of two of Europe's most celebrated cities - Vienna and Budapest.

  • Discover the treasures of Northern Italy cruising the Po River from Venice to Cremona.

  • Kosher Expeditions can customize tours for groups sailing on our river boats to more than 20 of the world's most intriguing waterways. 


Small Ship & Adventure Cruising 

Choices of small ships range from 16 person vessels to 300 passenger ships. On these charters you plan your destination and itinerary. Choose from luxurious accommodations to adventurous tall ships where you can be part of the sailing crew. Kosher Expeditions travel destinations include Alaska, the South Pacific, Europe, Central America, the Mediterranean the Caribbean, the Galapagos, and California & New England coasts.


Some of our fabled destinations include:

  • Alaska's pristine inside passage

  • The picturesque fishing villages of New England and Canada

  • Sun-drenched tropical isles of Tahiti and Fiji

  • The magnificent fjords and cities of Scandinavia and Russia

  • Medieval towns and villages of Europe

  • American heritage along the mighty Mississippi

  • The wild beauty of the Amazon and Galapagos

  • Antarctica and Tierra del FuegoIsland hopping through the Caribbean, Mexico & Central America

  • California & New England sail training programs & exploration

  • Galapagos



Custom group departures (20 or more participants) are available upon request. Please call us for details.



Activities range from city & port exploration, nature & marine science study programs, cultural interaction and Jewish heritage, to hands-on interactive sail training and marine navigation programs.



Custom departures are available upon request. Please call us for details and pricing.

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