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Explorer the hidden secrets of this mighty river



Rising in the Andes and passing through Peru, Columbia and Brazil on the long, 4,000-mile journey to the Atlantic, the Amazon is the world's largest river. A fragile environment, the mighty Amazon is home to an enormous array of wildlife, thousands of colorful birds, multitudes of both pink and gray dolphins, many species of monkeys, and an ever-changing vista of lush tropical wilderness. Our journey on the Amazon takes place on a specially designed riverboat, which allows us to explorer the hidden secrets of this mighty river. 


Our expedition begins in Iquitos, Peru, where we transfer to our waiting ship. As dusk approaches, we cast off into the greatest wilderness on earth. As night arrives, the stars present an incredible spectacle of both the Southern & Northern Constellations. Traveling down the Amazon, we view an ever-changing panorama where small villages line the shore. Our cruise takes place on steel-hulled river boats. Ship sizes vary from 12 to 44 twin cabins, all air conditioned with large picture windows and private bath. Cabins are done in beautiful Amazon hard woods; the ships have large air-conditioned dining rooms, a bar area and an air-conditioned lounge/library for lectures. On board there will be a series of lectures; on the many stops and shore excursions we will visit native villages and river towns, take jungle walks, fish for piranhas, bird-watch, star-gazing and engage in a world of other activities.





Day 1: Depart Iquitos, cruising up the Amazon River. Arrive at the mouth of the Tahuayo River in time for an afternoon jungle walk as we explore waterfalls and the unusual tropical vegetation of the area.


Day 2: Early wake up for a morning bird watching excursion in the Tahuayo area. Cruise to the Yarapa region, a myriad of lakes and small water ways.


Day 3: Continue sailing up the Amazon to the juncture of the two major tributaries of the Upper Amazon basin: the Ucayali and Maranon Rivers. Sail up the small tributary of the Yarapa River allowing us a good opportunity to spot excellent bird life. Anchor and overnight in this nature treasure house as we listen to the noises of the jungle at night. Dusk excursion by small launch to explore the area.


Day 4: Continue up river with a brief stop in the village of Nauta, after which the ship will cruise up the Maranon River, dropping anchor in the Nauta Cano nature area.


Day 5: A full day of exploration in the Nauta Cano nature area, filled with birds and water lilies. Small launches will be taken to see the area more closely. Your naturalist/guide will be able to explain the many features of the surrounding rain forest.


Day 6: Nauta Cano & Pucate nature area exploration and day at leisure. Nighttime jungle excursion allowing us glimpses of the Amazon's nocturnal creatures


Day 7: Deep in the mouth of the river and water-ways of the Pucate, the jungle will now be close on both sides of the river. A full day to explore this seldom visited and non-transit area. This part of the region is in the lower, less seen parts of the Samiria reserve.


Day 8: Arrive Iquitos, depart.


Lima, Cuzco & Machu Picchu Extension are available upon request for custom groups. Please see the Kosher X Peru – Inca & Amazon Adventure page for details.



Custom group ship charters available year round. Pre and post tour available in Lima.



Activities include cruising, small boat launches and moderate jungle hiking.



Custom group ship charters available year round. please call for details and quote.

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